Welcome to a Legend of Japan: MOMOTARO & ONITAIJI

The MOMOTARO story is the first of many great legends of Japan that we plan to depict for the worldwide silver collector coin market. You can find the story & a video below.

The first legend is the young warrior MOMOTARO & his friends and their ‘hero’s journey’ depicted in Japanese ANIME and UKIYOE Inspired art styles. The year 2020 coins depict the final victorious battle scene as MOMOTARO wrestles the surrender from the chief of the ONI demon society. The year 2021 coins depict MOMOTARO and his animal friends heading to ONIGASHIMA demon island to confront the ONI demon tribe who have been lying, stealing, using violence and the threat of violence against the peaceful people for far too long. The year 2022 coin shows the moment that MOMOTARO is born from a large peach to the great surprise of his elderly parents. The year 2023 coin shows MOMOTARO sharing his rice-ball snacks, KIBIDANGO, with the animals in exchange for their help to fight the ONI demon/ogres.

A portion of the total MOMOTARO coins are available for collectors outside of Japan!

Coin details:
• Art Styles: Traditional UKIYOE and Modern ANIME Inspired
• Strike: Proof-like and Antique
• Purity: 99.99% Pure Silver (Highest Available)
• Weight: 1 Troy Ounce (31.1 grams)
• Size: 39 mm
• Packaging: Individual High Quality Capsule Included
• Currency: 5 TALA / Legal Tender of SAMOA
• Estimated Shipping Date: 1 – 3 weeks (First Orders In/First Orders Out)
• Limited Mintage: Proof-like 50,000 each / Antique 25,000 each



The Story of MOMOTARO and the ONITAJI

All young children in Japan learn the MOMOTARO story from songs, cartoons, books, dramas, and movies. It is celebrated with theme parks, festivals, statues, toys & even insignificant things like key chains. He is so popular that there is even a bit of rivalry between the areas of Japan that claim to be where the real-life MOMOTARO events actually took place.

A hero’s journey story first put down in writing during Edo period (1603-1868) of a young boy with unusual origins, and peculiar determination, who finally brings peace to his land against great odds with the support of a diverse group of animal partners, who upon success, together share in the great reward. From the beginning to the end this story is fascinating. For example, MOMOTARO arrives to his surrogate senior citizen parents by floating down a river inside of a large peach. In fact, MOMO means peach in Japanese.

He is raised in a sad village that has long endured the raids & injustices from the smarter, stronger, aggressive, often violent ONI (Japanese word for Ogre) who live untouchable, far away on ONIGASHIMA (Japanese for Island of the Ogre).

Since a child he speaks of peace across the village. He starts his quest alone, but is  eventually joined by partners. The actions of this odd, yet balanced team of partners eventually culminates in a showdown on ONI Island. In the final contest MOMOTARO could have killed the ONI but instead he wisely chooses to crack just one horn of the Chief ONI which then brings the total surrender of the ONI. MOMOTARO and his partners earn the prize & distribute centuries worth of stolen wealth back to the villagers. Afterwards a just & sustainable peace is enjoyed by all for hundreds of years.

Because of his appearance, the combination of his hair in a pony tail, wearing a hairband, a sword, some SAMURAI armor, the flag with a peach symbol & Japanese writing, and the ONI, nearly any Japanese will immediately recognize the character displayed on the coins as MOMOTARO. The first coins of the MOMOTARO series (year 2020) depicts the final triumphant wrestling scene that brings the surrender, a welcomed balance, and a lasting peace. The second coin (year 2021) is of MOMOTARO and his partners on the way to ONIGASHIMA (Island of the Demons). The third coin (year 2022) shows the surprise birth of MOMOTARO out from a Peach found floating in the nearby river. The fourth coin (year 2023) is of the moment MOMOTARO hands out the snack to his animal partners in exchange for their support and participation of the quest. We start the MOMOTARO coin series at the end with the victory, to remind us that, as we each face these crisis years, each our own journey, we can walk confident, knowing that at least in some parts of the world, we will emerge the victors and be greatly rewarded.

This story has an important & entertaining message of hope & peace. We could not think of a better Japanese legend than the story of MOMOTARO to be the first of the new ‘Legends of Japan’ coin series. If you enjoy these coins then you will certainly look forward to our next coins in this continuing series.

One image is in the modern Japanese art style called ANIME, the other coin image is in the more classical Japanese art style called UKIYOE. Each of these art styles have dedicated fans and admirers around the world which we predict will be another reason for the coins high collector premium in the secondary market.

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Momotaro and Defeating ONI
Momotaro and Friends
Momotaro and Friends
Momotaro And Partners
Momotaro Dog Friend
Momotaro and Friends
Momotaro and the Canine Friend
Momotaro Meets Parents
Momotaro Dog Friend
Momotaro and Friends
Momotaro and Friends

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