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    All cancelled orders are subject to a cancellation fee consisting of any market loss to LegendsOfJapan.com along with an additional 3% of total purchase price. Market loss is defined in the simplest form, as the difference of what you paid for the purchase and what it is now worth based on the going market price of the respective item. i.e. the market value per ounce for the products that you purchased at the time of purchase less the market value per ounce of the products at the time of cancellation. The market value will be defined under the sole discretion of LegendsOfJapan.com at the completion of the insurance company and/or LegendsOfJapan.com’s investigation.
    LegendsOfJapan.com reserves the right to cancel any order after 5 business days of non-payment for personal check orders, and after 72 hours (3 business days) of non-payment for bank wire orders. Cancellation penalty will be applied to a credit card on file previously used to secure an order either online or via telephone, or charged to the customer account. LegendsOfJapan.com reserves the right to charge any valid credit card on file for applicable market loss and cancellation fees. Any market gains as a result of a cancelled order will remain the property of LegendsOfJapan.com.
    Cancellation requests must be sent via email during normal business hours. LegendsOfJapan.com will evaluate any request to cancel an order on a case-by-case basis and only under rare, extraordinary circumstances will a cancellation be approved.
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  3. Due to continually changing market prices for precious metals, the offers made by LegendsOfJapan.com are only valid for a short duration. If the precious metals market price changes drastically between the time of ordering and before the customer payment is received and processed, LegendsOfJapan.com reserves the right to cancel the order, in such a case, at no fee to the customer. Customer further agrees to hold LegendsOfJapan.com harmless from all damages or liability arising from such circumstances. The price calculation is determined by LegendsOfJapan.com upon its sole and absolute discretion.  Pricing on any website owned, operated by LegendsOfJapan.com, or affiliated, is for informational purposes only.
  4. LegendsOfJapan.com provides up-to-date market pricing for you and your staff.  Occasionally, we do make mistakes and there may be a typographical or an algorithmic pricing error(s).  Under these rare circumstances, LegendsOfJapan.com retains the right to cancel or refund an order.  If a typographical, algorithmic or other error is made in the calculation of a transaction, customer agrees to take all steps requested by LegendsOfJapan.com to rectify the error.  Customer further agrees to hold LegendsOfJapan.com harmless from all damages or liability arising from such error and or cancellation.
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